Essays Preface

All the Myriad Things are Speaking the Dharma

Amitabha Buddha’s Pureland

Ananda’s Search for the Mind in Seven Locations

Animals for Dinner - A Karmic Tale 

Be a Good Driver

Bound by Infatuation, They Turned Into Trees

Buddhism and Biotechnology 

Buddhism- Inner Ecology

Buddhist Ideas for World Peace

Chan – Essence of All Buddhas

Cultivating Virtue versus Creating Karma

Destroying Superstition Within Buddhism

Dharma Selecting Eye

Diffuse the Atom Bomb in Your Mind

Eight Consciousnesses

Eternal Buddha Nature

Five Marks of Decay

Giving Dharma Talks

Great Compassion Mantra

How to Attain Transcendental Wisdom

In Studying Buddhism

Last Rites – Preparing for Death

Lesser, Greater and The Way

Marrow of Buddhism - Shurangama Sutra

Mastering Oneself and Not Being Mastered by Others

Nature, Consciousness, Intent, Mind

Panel Discussion on The Interior Life

Previous Causes and Later Effects

Principle of  The Zero

Recite the Shurangama Sutra from Memory

Shurangama Mantra – Language of Heaven and Earth

Shurangama Sutra is the Essence of All Sutras

Some Guidelines to Success in Your Cultivation

Sure Sign of Proper Dharma

Ten Dharma Realms are Not Beyond a Single Thought

The Dharma Realm is Made From the Mind Alone

True Meaning of Honoring Elders

When People Don’t Like You

When You Attain The One

Why Did The Buddha Enter Nirvana?

Worlds Are a Product of Living Beings’ Thoughts and Karma

Zero is True Emptiness