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The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is the name of the main monastery of Dharma Realm Buddhist Association.  They are usually abbreviated as CTTB and DRBA respectively. 

CTTB is located about 110 miles north of San Francisco, California, USA.  The grounds consists of about 480 acres of land with over seventy buildings.  At CTTB, the sangha and lay people live together in harmony to cultivate.

On the grounds there is a school for boys and a separate school for girls.  Each school offers education from kindergarten up to high school level.  Some of the students live in residence on monastery grounds, while others live outside CTTB.

CTTB is also home of the Dharma Realm Buddhist University where monks, nuns, and lay people study the Buddha Dharma and related courses to help them cultivate and also enable them to propagate Buddhism anywhere in the world. 

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